Get to Know Me

Hi! My name is Elizabeth, or Ellie. Or really just about any nickname from my name you can think of. Thank you for checking out my blog. I thought I’d start off with a little ‘Get to Know me’ post. I hope you check out my other posts as I write about living with depression and anxiety. … More Get to Know Me



And beyond that. I hate faking a smile. Faking a laugh. My mom knows somethings wrong. I’m in a mood where I’m just like ‘Sure mom. Whatever.’ And I can’t help it. I can’t open up about this with anyone. Not when I don’t understand what I’m FEELING and when it could do more damage than good. … More Struggling

Toxic Relationships

I’ve had so many people in my life that I thought cared about me but the moment I needed a friend they were too busy. Couldn’t even answer my calls or texts. And it hurts. I always thought there must be something wrong with me. Because this is my normal. And it’s added to my depression in the past. … More Toxic Relationships

Thank You…

At that moment, it didn’t matter if anyone would read it. Or if it would help anyone. Of course, I want people to read about what I’m writing. What I’m living through. And it would be amazing if I could help someone. Show ANYONE that what they’re feeling isn’t some horrible thing. That they’re not alone! … More Thank You…